Bigfoot Beef Rub


As reported by Fox News and the Travel Channel and immortalized by rock & roll superstars Tenacious D, Bigfoot has long captured the imagination of our fine nation.

“A combination of terrifying eyewitness accounts, recently uncovered anthropological evidence, and a possible government cover-up of a Bigfoot being held in captivity prove that we still have a lot to learn about this mysterious creature,”

This spice blend is designed to extract the maximum flavor from all of your beef dishes.  Excellent for creating bark on brisket or for perfectly seared Rib Eye steaks, this rub is versatile enough to use in a variety of beef applications and guaranteed not to have the authorities at your door to hide the compelling evidence of our Sasquatch friends.



This sauce takes all of our favorite West Indian flavors and meshes them together seamlessly.  Curry,  ginger and pineapple dance on your tongue with the heat being delivered by Habanero & Datil peppers.


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